• This talisman is made with a small black tourmaline bead.
  • Each talisman is paired with a Foxglove Pharm herbal sachet with rose, calendula, chamomile, rosemary, and jasmine essential oil.
  • Talisman is made from high-quality german made raw copper wire and measures approximately 1.25" long and .75" wide
  • The piece hangs on a 22" raw copper chain with a handmade infinity closure and hook
  • Entire necklace has been sealed in Protectaclear, so it will not oxidize or turn your skin green

Black Tourmaline Equinox Talisman + Foxglove Pharm Herbal Sachet

  • It's important to always use your intuition when wearing or working with your talisman. There is no right or wrong way to use this piece. Here are some suggestions:

    • Keep close during ceremony, ritual, while making art or music.
    • Use as a tool during meditation or while performing healing work
    • Wear during Shamanic Journey or Soul Retrieval
    • Wear while meditating or keep on your mat while practicing yoga
    • Carry it with you to sacred spaces in nature
    • Use it when writing intentions, goals, dreams and visions.
    • Keep it on your altar or as a part of your sacred space.
  • This talisman is made from high quality copper wire and raw copper chain, and has been sealed with Protectaclear. This jewelry-safe sealant will prevent the talisman from oxidizing/tarnishing, and will create a skin-safe barrier between your skin and the metal.


    Store your talisman as you would any other treasured item. I advise you keep it within the box that it arrived in, alongside your Foxglove Pharm herbal sachet.

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